Tuesday, May 31, 2011

5 31 11 to 6 5 11

mon 25 epic miles. awesome run. big group of keenyans. afterwards swimming, burgers, chromium replacement. officially the best day ever.
tues 0 moved more of my stuff to ferencs, couldnt fit all of it in the car, had to go back to keene to load up again, had to coat hanger my muffler so it lasts til i get it fixed next week, cleaned my old place so i get my security deposit back, accidentally vacuumed the c key off my computer, realized there was no time to run and that im too tired to drive back to vermont and the only option left at this point is to sleep on my floor, then get up and go to work tomorrow with a car full of useless crap, then move it in at like 8 tomorrow night after coaching a track meet. @#%$&#@*%!! officially the opposite amount of awesomeness as yesterday.
weds 12 hill workout
fri  9
sat  track meet, 4
sun 18 1:58  super hard effort
68 miles


  1. Boj - I think that Monday deserves its own post. I need more details of the epic run.