Tuesday, October 2, 2012

10 1 to 10 7

tues 6 probably couldnt have run without advil and compression sleeve. the good news is that it didnt get worse during the run, and it feels ok now. i cant get too excited yet, though. if i wake up and it feels good then ill know i can start getting after it again.
weds 7 calf felt about the same as yesterday, so it was good enough. a lot of long, steep climbs that really irritated it. the flats and downs were fine. probly gonna need advil for a while. ive taken more of it in the last two days than i did all summer but whatever. i dont care. it makes it so i can run.
thurs 8 in the dark. calf ok. bowling was good. i got 5 strikes in a row, rolled a 211, and started to climb out of the hole. going in i was down by 212. now its down to 122. my other games werent very good. i probably needed to make up more ground since naj had a hard time getting used to his new shoes. ill most likely have the same problem next week when my shoes come in. hopefully i wont give back what i made up tonight.
fri 13 ran the railbed 9.5 really hard (60:28). even with two weeks of 20 miles and an injury, i was almost 3 minutes faster than when i did the same run 3 weeks ago. i probably would have been faster if i had run smarter. i was out way too fast the first 2 miles. this turned the last 2 miles into a big time struggle. i was on fumes at that point and had a hard time running in a straight line. i totally staggered to the finish. this was not even close to my best time for this run, but considering the last few weeks and all the long runs with no workouts, im happy with the time and the effort.
sun 7 felt ok after feeling really sore yesterday.


  1. Boj do you by any chance remember the splits to run under a hour at lil rhody it was like 14 min at the end of the bridges 19 minutes at the fire spot, or what would i need to hit the road at to go under 60 min

  2. i think its 14 high to 15 low at the end of the bridges. the road just over halfway is about 31 or 32. the end road when you come out of the trail the last time you probly need to be like 53 low.

  3. another 64 felt like i was stuck in one gear and it was neutral, it also doesn't help hearing gunshots go off even if they were on the pond hows the cell phone situation doing

  4. dude 64 is fine. on hard efforts on the course i never got within 4 minutes of what i did for the race, so i think youre right on. you still got 6 weeks so youll probly be able to drop a 61 or 62 in a month. i havent been able to get to the phone store early enough but i think ill get there in time tomorrow.