Thursday, October 18, 2012

straight ballin

this was way too awesome of a night to bury the bowling report in the middle of my boring run log. both of us got our best for 5 games and for 3 games in a row. naj got his best game ever. most importantly i made up 66 pins and now im only down 15. the scores: me 213, 203, 184, 223, 179  (1002 total). naj 191, 148, 149, 234 (career high), 214 (936). going into the last frame of the night i was only at 149. i needed a 177 to get 1000. that meant at least a double strike and an 8. i got a turkey. clutch. i still missed too many easy spares but i made more than last week. i decided i didnt want the shoes i had ordered so they gave me my money back in a gift card. great decision.

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