Monday, October 8, 2012

10 8 to 10 14

mon 10 tough day. 2 miles hard effort on the xc course 1252. its hilly and loaded with roots and rocks. on a track it would probably have been 1130 to 1145. did about 5 min recovery and then did a mile on the course at the same pace 626, but i was tired and the effort was harder. then i went up to the railbed behind the school and did a mile at tempo pace, a mile easy, then finished with 2 more tempo miles.
tues xc meet
weds 11 wanted to do more but had to cut it short so i could get to the store in time to finally get a phone.
thurs xc meet. bowling was good, but i couldve done better. im still sucking at picking up spares. i had one game where i didnt have to do too much of that because i got a lot of strikes. i had a couple of turkeys and at least one other strike and ended up with a 235 that game. my other games arent worth mentioning, but that one great game was enough to get back 41 pins. now im only down 81. najem had 2 in the 180's and a 190 so he didnt make it easy. i really need to figure out this problem with making spares. unrelated topic- i got a new phone but its not working. i have to decide whether im gonna run or go to the store to get it fixed. i didnt run today so i already know what its gonna be.
fri 12 had time after to go the store and get my phone fixed. all set now. i went 3 weeks without a phone. i think some people thought i was dead.
sat 13 we won a wiffle ball tournament. i was throwing some serious heat. then i ran vistas for the first time in at least a year. i ended up with one of my best times. i climbed terribly up the ridge but i was fast everywhere else. i had a few emergency bathroom stops and was quickly out of tp. i had to use moss, which ended up being highly effective. i got back to gregs and went straight to the bathroom. that was the first of about ten more times in there over the next few hours. i felt terrible. i was finally able to make it home around 10. i had a few more unfortunate trips to the bathroom before i could finally shower and go to bed. ugh.
sun body is destroyed. sore everywhere.

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