Monday, October 22, 2012

10 22 to 10 28

mon 13 kind of a strange run with two tempos almost an hour apart. at practice i ran the steep hill  to glenbrook in 849 (1.15 miles, 15% avg grade for 0.8 miles, yes i checked it on map my run). considering the climb, i was pleased with that time. then i ran around the pond and took a few minutes to talk with the kids. it was cool to see how well they handled the big climbs. as they came around the pond, i got behind a tree and tried to scare them with a sasquatch noise but they knew it was me. then we headed back. i ran down at a quick but comfortable pace (540 ish, thanks gravity). after practice i ran with no specific plan for about 6 or 7 miles and ended up at the top of beech hill. i decided i still felt good and that i would run fast down it. 1027 for 1.85 miles (538 pace, thank you again gravity). too bad it was all downhill. it was fun tho. then i ran an easy mile back home.
tues 8 sore and tired, no surprise there. didnt take advil, had to put on the heavy duty calf sleeve.
weds 10 did 4x800 at practice on the xc course (255,250,251,247). considering all the sharp turns and the grass, im fine with these times. then i switched to shorter stuff. mike r met me at the field. our plan was to do 8x200 to help him get ready for basketball. i figured his speed would make it tough for me. we did an easy mile and then we got into it. we ran the first 7 side by side until he lit me up on the last one (34,34,32,34,33,34,32,31). i was surprised with these times. i guess speed comes back quick when you stop doing 4 hour runs. big time bonk on the cooldown. solid day.
7 with sontag and rocko. kept it easy. i needed that. bowling was good overall, but i was inconsistent (234, 149, 179, 182, 236). two great games, but that 149 is killing me. i blew lots of easy spares again, but i got 4 strikes in a row two times. naj had a good 3rd game (195) and it looked like he had the momentum back. then he got a lot of bad breaks the last 2 games and i was able to pull away.
fri 3 i was gonna take a 0 but the weather was too awesome.
sat 9 on the derryfield park xc course. watched the high school division races. that course is tough.
sun 17 (12 miles hard effort in 118) felt really good today. 67 miles this week.

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