Monday, December 13, 2010

11 miles. 1:24. it was good to run at a comfortable pace and not stress about having to keep up with anyone. its always great to run with a group but right now feeling good is more important. i have to get out of the routine of forcing my body to run fast when it doesnt want to, at least for a little while. this hasnt been a good racing year, so last week the coach (we all have different ones) came up with a new plan to help me get right again. the plan is simple: just run. the only goal is to average ten miles a day. im not going to worry about races or missing a workout. when i feel good, ill run fast. when i dont, i wont. from august '07 to december '07, i did almost this exact plan, but without realizing it. i averaged 70 a week, didnt force workouts, and was satisfied with my racing. if it worked before, it should work again. i think im going to like this.

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