Monday, December 27, 2010

more issues

in order to be respectful of each reader's differing levels of free time/attention span, i have included a long and a short version of the latest issue. it did cross my mind to put the long story first and say it was the short, which would once again subject everyone to my scatterbrained rants, but i decided to give an easy out this time. if youre extremely busy, or feeling like a 1st grader, read the short one. if youre extremely bored out of your mind and you need something to do, read the long one.

here is the short one:
i have not run in two days. this is because my knees are very sore. they are sore because something happened while walking across the kitchen. i passed out and fell. when i fell i think i landed on my knees. i also think i hit my head. i can only guess at all of this because i dont remember falling down. i also think i was out cold for a minute or two. no, alcohol was not involved.

long story: (my apologies if you read this despite not being really bored)

well, i was starting to feel like the latest of my nagging injuries was gone, (and theres a good chance thats true) but i wont know for sure unless i run. confused? its ok. ill start making sense soon. i took yesterday and today off in order to be proactive on a new possible injury. before i go into detail, i must point out to those who know me well that alcohol was not directly involved in this incident. yesterday morning i got out of bed very fast and immediately felt dizzy. i also felt way too hot so i headed to the door so i could go out and get fresh air. i didnt make it. the next thing i remember was waking up dripping with sweat and lying face down on the kitchen floor (sounds kind of like a vh1 behind the music special, but without the cocaine and groupie sex). i think i was out cold for a minute or two. looking back on the day before, i realized i didnt drink any water after i got done running. i didnt drink anything (dumb, i know). so i guess passing out is what happens when you dont drink water for 24 hours. a few minutes after i woke up, i noticed that my hand was sore, and i had cut my head and chest. i think when i fell i landed on the trash can, then hit my head on the wall and hit the floor with my hand caught under my body. all of that might sound like the aforementioned (big word, i know) new injury, but i still havent gotten to that. once i got up (slowly this time) i noticed more problems. my knees were killing me. i must have hit them on the floor during the fall (along with everything else). i had a lot of trouble walking around, especially up and down the stairs. this is where i might have an injury. today, the knees are sore but not as bad as yesterday. im going to take some more time to let this get better, then ill try it out to see how it feels. ill be careful not to rush back into full training, due to past experiences with a similar incident. a few years ago, i fell hard on my knee, got a bone bruise, tried to run through it, made it worse, and missed two months of running when i might have only missed a week or two if i let it rest. it may seem that i should be more concerned with passing out and hitting my head while not drunk, but i really only care about missing days of running. maybe ill have better luck with injuries next year. at least i only have to wait a few days.

what a waste of your time, but i warned you. sorry im not sorry.


  1. Boj, scary stuff. I'm glad you're ok. Sounds like you were dehydrated and low blood sugar... Take all the time you need; it's only running. I've had this happen once or twice over a 15 year period and it's scary. Sorry you had to face it alone. I always had someone with me to help me.

  2. I've planned a meeting for your team for a proposed amendment to your IEP. We are still playing around with the wording of the new goal but it will be somewhere along the lines of.

    Boj will be optimally hydrated 85% of the time before he goes to bed at night.

    Love the post! Feel better buddy! We've gotta get together!