Saturday, December 25, 2010

another fun christmas is in the books, despite the fact i just woke up from a four-hour-trying-to-get-rid-of-a-sinus-headache-nap. even if i feel like a pile of ds, its always one of the best days of the year. this is obviously due to the opportunity to hang with family, catch up on life, bs a little, bust balls (a lot), and throw back a few beverages. thats a solid list of good stuff, but there is one more bit of awesomeness that needs mentioning, and i know you all can see it comin. yes, im talking about what happens (to be more accurate, i should say 'what stops happening') in the afternoon that makes me almost wet my pants with liquid holiday cheer. im talking about the time when the auditory vomitorium that most call christmas music finally stops. the great news doesnt end there. once the music stops it means i can go another 11 months without being subjected to such horror. i can once again walk into a supermarket (or pretty much any kind of store) without wishing i had eardrum removal surgery (not sure if that is a real procedure). i can once again drive my car without wishing someone had broken into it by way of a shattered window and stolen my radio. yes its true, christmas gives a gift that lasts- 11 months to be exact. ahh, my headache feels better already. life is good. good luck to the guys running at the bu meet tomorrow. unrelated topic: i am craving chinese food. i will satisfy that urge within two days. church.

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