Sunday, December 5, 2010

dr no gets revenge

well, at least i was satisfied with my running for 24 hours. unfortunately, the evil forces were at work today and they went to work on my achilles. it was bugging me all week but it was never really hurting, so i thought i was ok. i was wrong. i got the bad news about ten miles into the run today, and i had to stop running. the pain got so bad that even just walking was painful. the worst part was that i had to walk for about 45 minutes back to gregs house, getting colder by the minute but unable to warm myself up since i couldnt run. it took about an hour to get the feeling back in all of my fingers. luckily, greg had chromium replacement beverages in his fridge so that took my mind of off how i was feeling. surprisingly, im not as bummed out as you might expect. i think ill be ok mentally as long as i dont have to miss more than a week. theres a good chance ill just forget about indoor track this winter, and focus on letting my body fix itself. right now i dont feel that bad about that, but if im not running by christmas i might be easily mistaken for the grinch.

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