Friday, March 11, 2011

3 7 to 3 13

monday 0  having issues with plantar fascia
tuesday 11 1:23 dirt roads, foot still sore
wednesday 10  baker st workout 2x800, 4x400  237,236,77,77,79,80  i fell apart at the end of this one. im ok with it though because the times are still getting faster. i was not ok with the dead possum on the turn. i accidentally looked it in the eye during one of the 400's. i thought i was gonna throw up.
thursday 13  1:39 got on the trails, some slipping and postholing, but not horrible
friday 11  1:17   foot was bad today
saturday 5    36 min
sunday 20   2:19   foot ok, good to be able to get in a faster long run, should be far more effective than the death slogs ive been doing lately
70 miles this week

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