Sunday, March 6, 2011

2 28 to 3 6

70 miles. 12,4,11,10,3,17,13. i had some bad plantar fascia soreness on saturday but stopping to stretch helped. also i stopped a few times to jam my thumbs into the bottom of my feet to work the pain out. that was highly effective, considering i was 7 miles from home and walking back wouldve been the worst. today i ran on soft and muddy dirt roads, so everything felt fine. i was out near ferencs house and there was some tough climbing. i ran up the steepest road ive ever seen. ive run trails that were worse but it was still badass. im pleased with my increasing level of strength. i think once the snow melts some more i can bump up the mileage since ill be able to get back on the soft trails. and if i move out to ferencs this summer that will help my training even more. i dont know what im gonna do without internet tho. wow i never thought id say that. church.


  1. I agree with Muddy. Bump up the mileage? You're already getting 70!!!