Thursday, March 3, 2011

tues  4
weds 11  4x8 244 247 240 242 felt good, finally feel like ill be able to get back to where i was last year. also it was great to have chirp and brad with us on the cooldown and at dillos. on their last repeat they were both nearly flattened by some a-hole in an f 250. it looked like he drove at them on purpose. then he swore at them and yelled 'its a road not an f-ing runway'. all of us saw it and we were ready to fight him, but as always people only say stuff when theyre driving away, and then he was gone. i was extremely upset about what happened. it took me a while to regain my composure, as i spent most of the cooldown swearing heavily at any car that came within five feet of me. once i got to dillos i was fine.
thurs 10

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