Thursday, March 17, 2011

3 14 to 3 20

70 miles  6,10,12,11,10,5,16

nb half - 1:21:34. (technically i did 13 miles in 1:20:57 then i stepped off, so i added 37 sec for the 0.1) my old pr was 1:24, so i feel good about this race. splits- 605,619,622,625,605,607,606,606,628,611,608,620,610. i felt strong and in control almost the whole time. its been months since i was able to feel like that in a race. the rest of the keene guys had good races too. i owe wolverine 19 nick cashes (yes i counted), but i enjoy living so i let all of them go. it wasnt easy.

wednesday workout 8x400 4x200  80,80,78,79,77,77,75,72 33,34,33,30  it took me awhile to get loose but it ended up being a good workout. ive worked back to taking normal rest instead of 2x or 3x rest, so now i can work on getting my times down to where they were a year ago.

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