Wednesday, March 30, 2011

3 28 11 to 4 3 11

monday 5 miles, track drills

tuesday 5, track drills

wednesday 12 miles. 2x mile, 2x 800, 2x 200. rest: almost none. 518,526,242,234,36,35. i definitely surprised myself on this one. going into it i was sore and tired from doing dynamics at track practice, and i totally got dropped on the warmup. usually those things dont lead to a good workout, but today was a day like no other day (think: fyffes weds workout song). i was way behind the other guys but they still helped me run well. i only had about a 200 jog between the miles so i was shocked that i only slowed down by 8 seconds. maybe there is hope for me after all. church.

thursday am 5, pm track drills, 12 miles (advil-less limpjog bonkfest) i am beat. this month: 307 miles.

friday 5

saturday 11

sunday 15

this week 70

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